Music for all occasions – why using live music brings your event to life

Want to bring your next event to life? Do you feel your venue needs an injection of excitement and electricity? Want your special day to be memorable? Live music makes every occasion unique and special.

No question about it – Live Music creates the event!

Live Music brings a certain energy and excitement to any event or venue, no matter the size or style. Whether you want some chilled background music for your café, or if you’re looking for a band to get people up on the dance floor to dance the night away; there is literally a band, musician, or performance artist for every occasion – and luckily, using a good all round music agency like All Things Entertainment, you have access to a wealth of options!

How does live music enhance the environment?

Singer Songwriter Glen Mead poses with an acoustic guitar. - All Things Entertainment
Glen Mead – soloist, singer, songwriter and superb performer. Consistently receives the highest praises for his command of the audience and the way he is able to read the mood of the crowd.

One of the benefits of having live music at your fingertips is that you’ll have an artist on stage who will keep your crowd engaged and entertained all night. No boredom, no yawns and no excuses to go home early.

Whether this is telling a couple of jokes or getting the crowd to sing along to a catchy chorus; the patrons will enjoy their night more when they feel like they have been involved with the entertainment. Live music makes people stay around longer, regardless of the venue, it can be a cafe,a pub, a tavern, an hotel, a club or your house party, music will be the reason that people stay and enjoy themselves.

Where can you use live music?

Ed White performs his tribute to Frank Sinatra live on stage
Ed White is booked for is Sinatra shows at private functions such as special wedding anniversaries or 60th birthday parties. He is regularly booked for morning melodies or mini shows at country clubs, bowling clubs and RSL clubs around the country and is a perfect example of a top level performer that is available to be booked at a private or corporate function.

When is live music needed, and best suited? The question should be, when ISN’T live music needed?

There is an array of different live music options that come in all sorts of different sizes. And there is an equally wide range of different styles and music genres.

Live music formats range from DJ’s, solo acts, duos, trios to full bands of 4-5+ members. And it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know the industry jargon or exactly what you are looking for. And thats why you engage an agent who can decipher what you are looking for and choose the best options for you.

Here are some occasions that are best suited to live music:

  • Birthday Parties / Milestone Birthdays
  • Work Functions
  • Weddings
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Engagement parties
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Christmas Parties
  • New Years Eve / New Year’s Day
  • Corporate Functions
    Lisa Budin live on stage presents the story of the Carpenters
    Lisa Budin presents the very popular show Remembering The Carpenters, but when she is not performing in the show, she is performing at retirement homes, hospitals, private parties, school functions and business functions around Greater Sydney
  • Street Parties
  • Charity Events
  • Community Events

Here is a list of venues that would benefit from live music:

  • Hotels / Pubs / Bars / Taverns
  • Bowlos, RSL’s, Leagues Clubs – all clubs of all shapes and sizes
  • Café’s,
  • Small size to large size restaurants
  • Sports club – local to larger scale
  • Anywhere you want your crowd to be wowed!

Why using a professional agency is a must

Using a professional agent to book your live music gives you peace of mind, security and ensures that you get the best act for your event or venue.

A professional agency usually has an array of bands at their disposal and coupled with their years of experience with live music, they know how to get you the best act for you, how to decipher what you are asking for and how to get the best performer within your price range.

To ensure your event runs smoothly, the agent arranges work agreements with the band with all the relevant details pertaining to your event so there are no communication breakdowns or mix-ups on the date of the event. This gives you the ultimate peace-of-mind and gives you opportunity to focus on other priorities. Because an agent knows exactly which questions to ask you and the band, there are no last minute changes or panics as all parties know exactly what is required.

An agent un-complicates things. With the knowledge of the production environment, and years of experience, an agent can prepare and organize things that may go beyond an event planner. As there can be intricacies with setting up staging, lighting and live music production, you will need to deal with those who have experience.

Choosing the right entertainment

Philip de Villiers presents the unforgettable showstoppers piano and voice show.
Philip De Villiers performs at a multiple variety of venues including theatres, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, private functions and corporate functions and never fails to get the audience to their feet and singing along to his showstoppers and screen songs.

For all the occasions we celebrate throughout the year, birthdays, weddings or wedding anniversaries, engagements, graduations, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, live music can turn the occasion from a chore to a music talked about event.

So how do you know what is the most suitable entertainment for your event?

It comes down to what sort of event you are throwing, and what sort of people are going to be attending, and personal taste as well.

The different artists available vary in size and genre; some of the most common acts are:

  • Solo artists
  • Duo’s
  • Full bands (4-10+ members!)
  • Concept bands or tribute acts



Solo and Duo Acts

Rob Mac, popular Sydney based soloist who is renowned for his banter, his humour and his ability to perform a wide range of contemporary rock songs.

A solo artist is what it sounds like; a single person performing music live. They differ from a DJ as most of the time they will be playing a guitar and singing or playing keyboard and singing.

A duo act comprises of 2 people in the act; most of the time one will perform the music (like on a guitar) while the other sings; sometimes both members will play an instrument.

If you have a chilled afternoon planned for your event, like a graduation or wedding ceremony; or even if you manage a local venue looking for some chilled live music for a Sunday sesh, a solo or duo act would be best.

Between each set they can play some music from their devices to ensure the music is still coming through so there is no dead air. And as they have microphones, they can make announcements and allow you to make speeches (if you ask them nicely).


Total Recall - top 80's music performance act - excels at private parties and events
Total Recall is an all live 7 piece band celebrating in costume, the sounds of the 80’s. Hits from stars like Prince, Inxs, Spandau Ballet, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Wham and so many more. Total Recall will have you on the dance floor all night long, absolutely perfect for functions, parties, clubs, pubs and corporate events.

Full bands

If you are ready to rock and dance into the night, a live band is what you’re after. Whether you are having a corporate function, wedding reception, a private house party or some special occasion, then look towards hiring a band.

Bands can play a range of the latest Top 40 music, classic rock music, modern rock, country and anything else in between. Or you can book a theme act like Total Recall – 80’s Music, Glamstars – 80’s glam rock, The Swinging Sixties or Feeling Groovy – 60’s music. Depending on the budget, bands can be booked with choreographed dancers, extra lighting, special backdrops and all sorts of other tricks to make the function amazing.

There are no rules for when you may need specific acts; it’s entirely up to. Think about your venue, how many people you’ll have, whether you have noise restrictions and think about your budget.

All Things Entertainment is managed and owned by Nancy Hillary, a music industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. The agency likes to believe that if you can dream it, that we can deliver it and when it comes to live music, we’re seldom wrong!

To create the perfect event you just need to inject live music!

Feeling Groovy, the Cool River Show, cast poses for a group shot. - All Things Entertainment
Feeling Groovy, a show presented by the Cool River band – is a wonderful 5 piece cast with superb Go Go Dancers which brings to life the music hits from 1960 – 1970 at clubs, functions, parties and corporate events across Greater Sydney and Newcastle. Get ready to dress up and to rock n roll!


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